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We provide a full range of services to support our clients. Our attorneys are well versed in the complexities of the law in many practice areas. We deliver the following services:

Corporate Law | Commercial Law | Debt Collection | Insolvency Law | Labor Law | Leasing & Joint Ventures | Mediation | Real Estate Law | Securities & Trusts | Trademark Law

Corporate Law
We have over two decades of experience in evaluating and addressing the needs of entrepreneurs and businesses. From small businesses to starting companies to multinational corporations, we provide counseling and services on all aspects of business and corporate matters.

The services provided include:
Business formation
Business licenses and permits
Buying and selling of businesses
Confidentiality agreements
Consumer protection
Corporate compliance
Corporate governance
Employment contracts
Insurance coverage
International transactions
Joint ventures
Legal opinions
Non-compete agreements
Regulatory compliance

Corporate Banking & Finance
This contains, amongst others, the emission of shares, restructuring companies with subsidiaries, but also financing and refinancing with the vesting of security rights.

Commercial Law
This area holds a broad spectrum of services. In case of breach of contract or unlawful acts, legal measures include writing demand letters, notices, seizures and attachments and of course, civil proceedings. This area of law also includes legal assistance with transactions and the drafting of agreements regarding areas like sale and purchase, lease and construction.

Debt Collection
In many cases a simple notice for an outstanding debt is sufficient. However, attachments with suppliers or a bank relation, followed by a standard civil case or an injunction are sometimes necessary to collect the amount due.

Insolvency Law
Here we cover both sides of the medallion. We help companies that try to prevent – or need assistance in trying to prevent – winding up in a financial hardship, suspension of payment or bankruptcy. But we also help creditors that remain unpaid and require assistance in handling a company in an insolvency situation. We’re proud to be appointed as a public receiver and trustee by the Court of First Instance in Aruba on a regular basis.

Labor Law
This practice area includes all issues that see to the relationship between employer and employee. For instance employment contracts, disputes, (immediate) dismissal, termination petition to the court, permits but also collective working agreements and the building up of personnel files.

Leasing & Joint Ventures
Operational or financial leasing of property as well as cooperation of companies in a joint venture, requires regulation of various legal aspects. It is essential to obtain timely legal assistance and advice, before coming to an agreement. The same applies for mergers and acquisitions. We’re happy to assist you in these kind of matters.

By mediation we provide a neutral, low-cost, alternative dispute resolution service to clients with conflicts that can be addressed outside the traditional legal framework. It provides an alternative setting that does not involve the formalities of an adversarial system where one party wins and the other loses. Instead, the process empowers parties to find their own resolution, creating an opportunity for a win-win result for all parties in the dispute. Examples of such disputes are disagreements over copyright ownership and counterfeit, collaboration agreements, labor strikes and payment issues. The Court of First Instance in Aruba has appointed us as mediator in several cases.

The five cornerstones of mediation are:

– Voluntary
Both parties choose to participate in the mediation process and work together to create a mutually agreeable resolution.
– Confidential
Unlike a court proceeding, where there is a public record, the parties in mediation sign a confidentiality agreement; nothing disclosed in mediation is admissible in court, in the event that litigation is pursued.
– Neutral
The mediator facilitates communication between the parties, but does not determine who is right or wrong.
– Informal
The process is less expensive and faster than litigation. The parties work together to find a creative resolution that addresses all participants’ interests.
– Cost-effective
Mediation services for individuals and organizations to resolve disputes come at lower costs than expensive and time-consuming litigation.

Real Estate Law
We’re specialized in real estate law. Some issues that tend to need special attention are construction agreements, sale and purchase agreements, architects and issues on the building permit.

Securities & Trusts
Although Aruba has a close connection with the United States, the legal system differs from the Anglo-Saxon system. Security rights like mortgage and pledge have different meaning compared to the US. That’s why, in international business, banking and financing, the Aruban aspects require special and qualified attention.

Trademark Law
The Aruban system on trademarks is being reviewed and brought in balance with the most accepted system internationally. In the old situation, the first user holds the strongest rights. In the new system it is expected that the first subscription will be essential. One of our services is registration at the Bureau of Intellectual Property. Another common issue is the infringement of trademarks. We have a broad experience in seizing the counterfeit and either settle or prosecute the infringer.

If you have questions or can’t find your specific legal issue, please contact us. We are happy to help you.